IZEN, a brand of VINCI Energies, specializes in advice, design, installation and maintenance of solar PV installations. In doing so, IZEN aims for the highest possible service level and delivers a customized installation for every project.

IZEN combines national projects with a flexible and fast service close to its customers and clients.

IZEN realizes its objectives with employees who live the VINCI way of life, in which the core values are essential: Transparency, Trust, Empowerment (Development), Entrepreneurship and Solidarity.

Job Objective.

The Supervisor coordinates the assembly of (sub) projects / service work at customers’ premises and ensures that the assembly is carried out correctly and efficiently based on the five management aspects (money, organization, time, information and quality).

Place in the organization and environment:

The Supervisor is (functionally) accountable to the Project Manager or Service Manager.

The Supervisor gives technical guidance to (future) mechanics / Service Engineers, apprentices / trainees and hired workers.

The supervisor shall report to the Project Manager on weekly basis about the progress, planning, safety on site, coordination with customer, partners (f.e. Omexom), grid operators (DNO) and tennant’s.



Coordinates in cooperation with the project team the assembly work of projects / service work and is responsible for the timely and efficient execution of installation work, relevant communication, technical commissioning of installations and adequate accounting of hours and materials.

Is responsible for own safety, health, welfare and environmental aspects as well as assembly/service crew by:

  • Application of customer and IZEN’s HSEQ plan.
  • Using machinery and tools properly and complying with regulations and rules.
  • Being mindful of errors and negligence that may lead to direct and indirect damage.
  • Conducting safety workplace inspections at least once a month/site.
  • Complying with working hours.
  • Holding “Toolbox” meetings, at least once a month.

The Supervisor prepares projects/service work for customers by:

  • Scheduling work on the job site.
  • Coordinate the assembly teams.
    • Ensuring the safety of workers and complying with all safety regulations and standards.
    • Scheduling and coordinating work, resolving disputes and issues, and ensuring that all tasks are completed efficiently.
    • Building and maintaining positive working relationships with all stakeholders, including clients, contractors, and employees.
    • Controlling the social documents for subcontractors is an important responsibility for a site supervisor. The objective is to ensure that all subcontractors have the necessary documentation in place, such as insurance certificates, health and safety policies, and employee documentation.
  • Coordinate the supply of materials:
    • planning, follow-up and forecasting materials needed on site in function of the advancement of the works
    • local stock all kind materials
    • communication with Izen Operations for deliveries
  • Compliance with regulations and procedures.
  • Monitoring/managing the project scheduling.
    • Monitoring project progress and making adjustments to the schedule as needed to ensure that the project is completed on time.
    • Communicating regularly with clients and other stakeholders to provide updates schedule and to address any concerns.
  • Starting the various construction phases and determining if all conditions are met.
  • Resolving problems and providing advice to Project Manager.
  • Ensuring the deployment of appropriate people and competencies, various equipment, tools and materials.
  • Instructing erection teams/employees.
  • Estimating additional and less work based on contractual agreements.
  • Supplying detailed planning.
  • Ensuring the correct delivery of reports for the internal organization.
  • Directing the execution of assembly / service work.
  • Discussing the project with the Project Manager and conducting consultations at the workplace.
  • Coordinating the organization on site of the work with subcontractors and employees of the client.
    • Communicating with subcontractors to understand their specific roles and responsibilities.
    • Assigning tasks to subcontractors and ensuring that they are performed in a timely and efficient manner
    • Providing regular feedback to subcontractors on their performance and working with them to identify areas for improvement
  • Supervise subcontracted work.
  • Check and maintain the drawings package and discuss with the Project Manager.
  • Monitoring the safety situation and working conditions and coming up with alternatives/solutions.
  • Checking that the work is carried out according to the agreed procedures / regulations (standards) and calling Service Engineers / Mechanics to account.
  • Solving problems in the work.
  • Participating in meetings.
  • Planning commissioning and delivering the work to the customer.
  • Weekly /monthly reporting per project


  • Taking care of own and the team’s safety, health, welfare and environmental aspects.
  • Building the installation in the planning as foreseen following the engineered plan and contract


The Supervisor is authorized to manage assembly / service teams within the frameworks given by the Project Manager / Service Manager.

  • Authority to direct and manage the activities of construction workers, subcontractors, and other personnel on the construction site.
  • Power to allocate tasks and responsibilities among workers, subcontractors, and other personnel.
  • Authority to enforce safety rules and regulations on the construction site.