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Floating solar drives the profit for people and the environment

Generate green energy, keep the water cool, reduce water evaporation and combat algae formation. These are just some of the concrete, convincing arguments and objectives of floating solar parks “Our customers naturally want to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible and make a profit, says Seppe Bogaerts, project manager Floating Solar at IZEN. In the meantime, IZEN has already realized some special projects involving large ones, previously unused water surfaces receive more than double use thanks to an efficient process, durable material and absolutely innovative, modular and quickly placeable raft systems

CO2 freely grown plants and flowers

Agricultural companies will be asked in the near future to grow CO2-free vegetables “Our customers want to keep up with the times, whether time is even ahead,” says Seppe

“With rising gas prices in mind, in the interest of the customer and the consumer, the acceleration to solar energy should not be delayed too long. Whether greenhouse horticulture can do without natural gas? “That is not yet the case In winter, customers still fall back on natural gas generators, but in the foreseeable future the combination of green energy from solar and wind energy, geothermal energy and bio or hydrogen form the ideal green energy mix

“It is no small investment, but sunlight – and thus the production of green energy, is free Once paid off it becomes really financially interesting ”

– Seppe Bogaerts


Water footprint

Water is becoming more expensive every day due to global warming. Greenhouse builders and farmers would do well to store their water in basins, or to use their ponds as a source of water and energy. After all, tap water is too expensive and groundwater is not always available. Moreover, it is not impompable without limits. We have to switch from one-off to circular water use. Floating Solar helps to realize that process.

Solar panels on water perform better

Floating solar parks yield more than regular roof or ground setups. The explanation is as simple as it is logical. Panels that remain cooler due to environmental factors perform better. The water under the panels is the ideal cooling.

“Four fly in one fell swoop: the IZEN solar panels on ClicFloats provide green energy, higher efficiency, less water evaporation and better water quality.”

– Seppe Bogaerts

Innovative products and cooperation

IZEN works for the floating systems (ClicFloat) and the floating cover cones that connect to each other (ICOS) together with CONNECTUM. This company is a local player with a global impact. The company has years of expertise in linked structures and is known worldwide for the toys Clics. Water and energy require an integrated vision and approach: CONNECTUM recycles locally collected plastic and the recyclate is the basis for ClicFloats and ICOS. “By joining forces with this player, safety and the driving capacity for energy generation is ensured and the evaporation of it water covered,says Seppe. “Literally and figuratively.”